Phillies spring training games are in full swing


Andrew Amodei| staff writer

Spring training is in full swing for the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies. Spring training is Major League Baseball’s version of the preseason and like the other major sports’ preseasons, spring training is a time for teams to try to work out their flaws and prepare for the upcoming grind of the regular season; the Phillies are no different.

The Phillies are using spring training as an opportunity to find out the kind of talent they have on the team and also to find out if there are any young players that could add something to a main roster. One of the main purposes of spring training is to evaluate young talent to see what they can bring to the table and if there any breakout stars in that batch of prospects.  The main issue this year for the Phillies in spring training is the health of some of their key players.  Ryan Howard is a big focus in spring training discussions and he is not even playing right now since he is still recovering from his Achilles injury he suffered in the playoffs, and his health is being monitored closely. It’s highly speculated whether or not will even play at all this season, so the Phillies are focused on finding a replacement to try to fill the gap.  Other stars like Placido Planco and Chase Utley are also trying to ease their way back from injury this spring training.  Chase Utley has been a big focus in spring training as he has not played a single game and that issue has the fans up in arms.  It’s a worrisome thing when two of the team’s biggest players are out of action.  Spring training is the time for the Phillies to try to work out all of their health issues and their kinks in order to have the best team they can on Opening Day.

So far, the Phillies have looked pretty good on the field.  Pitchers Vance Worley and Joe Blanton have had pretty dominant performances and that is a very good sign for the Phillies and the bottom of their pitching rotation.  If the Phillies are going to be successful, their entire pitching rotation must be on the top of their game.  On the other hand, ace pitcher Roy Halladay has looked rather shaky so far this preseason.  He has not looked like his normal “Doc” Halladay self so far.  Halladay had a poor outing against the Minnesota Twins in which the biggest issue was the lack of velocity in his pitches.  With all of the other problems the Phillies are having this spring, they cannot afford to have their ace pitcher limping into the regular season.  Halladay still has the rest of spring training to work out all of his issues and become the Roy Halladay Phillies fans know and love.  A young player for the Phillies who has stepped up and has been impressive is Freddy Galvis.  Galvis is a third-year shortstop and is getting a chance to make the most of spring training.  Right now in about 30 at-bats, Galvis has eight hits and seven RBIs. He is also hitting an average of .267.  If he keeps producing, he may see more playing time this season.

Spring training is all about making an impact and making sure the team is ready for the 162-game regular seasons.   Although it does not always determine the course a team will take, it is a good indicator of how a team will look throughout a season.  The Phillies have to work through these problems to get the most out of their spring training.  The Phillies look to get another World Series championship in 2012, and the road to the championship starts in Clearwater, Florida.


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