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City College of New York freshman pitcher Alex David (Brooklyn, NY/Stuyvesant) held Rutgers University-Camden to two hits over five innings and combined with three other pitchers on a seven-hitter to earn his first collegiate victory as the Beavers edged the Scarlet Raptors, 5-4, in a non-conference game here Friday afternoon.
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I was a little shocked when I read Dharun Ravi's verdict in the paper on Monday morning. The now infamous Rutgers student was found guilty of all fifteen charges against him, the biggest being bias intimidation against his former roommate, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.
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Often times you hear stores trying to get you to sign up for their credit card, saying how you can save an extra 20% today and see more deals in the future, like cash back and coupons.
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Rutgers prides itself in the community that it has and the one that it continues to build. When students talk about why they chose Rutgers-Camden, a reason that is heard again and again, it is that the existing community helps to create an atmosphere that encourages relationship and learning.
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It’s been a rough week for junk food. Not only is it said to be “bad” for you but now in parts of Florida, it can be seen as a crime! Skittles can make you taste the rainbow and a piece of some “self-defense” steel. Since when is this ok?
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Increasing his already substantial lead in the delegate count, Mitt Romney won the Illinois Primary last week. Exit polling suggests that Romney won in the land of Lincoln because of his economic message.
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