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Tamari Ramishvili| staff writer

Our favorite celebrities are a source most of us often look to for inspiration in our own fashion. Though it may seem next to impossible to replicate looks from celebrities, it is far from the truth. Here are five TV stars’ looks that you can easily replicate.

Leighton Meester, as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, is a noteworthy fashion icon. Much like Sex and the City, Gossip Girl has us tuned in not only for the latest scoop of the irresistible drama, but also for the latest outfits of the style-conscious characters. Each character has his or her own unique and trendy style; Blair’s being the polished and preppy look. With her ostentatious blazers and puffy cuffs and collars, she exemplifies the classy Madame, or the “old Hollywood” look. She shows off her silhouette by wearing full body, hip hugging, classic dresses that are sexy, yet not revealing or suggestive. This look, neat and classy with a hint of spunk, is ideal to sport on campus.

Although Meester’s spending allowance far outshines most of our own, it should not deter us from attempting to replicate her style. We may not be privileged students from well-endowed households, but that’s why we have stores like H&M and Nordstrom to help us out. Blair’s staple outfit consists of a full-chest dress that’s form fitting and falls short of her knees. With this, she wears patterned or plain tights with a chic pair of heels, and tosses on a few fabulous accessories, like an over-sized bag and a headpiece. A dress similar to her style can be found in stores like H&M or Macy’s, a blazer that can be tossed on top at Bluefly.com, a bag at belladawn.com in the $50 range, tights at Nordstrom, and a bow headpiece at Forever21 for just $3.

This past season, 7.7 million viewers watched Tia Mowry showcase an impressively glamorous style as Dr. Melanie Barnett-Davis on The Game. Melanie is an inspirational figure to many, with her style being just one of the many aspects of her that are admirable. She caught attention on the first episode this season, where she wore an eye-catching outfit consisting of high-waist tailored shorts with a sequined top and peep toe black heels, fur vest, and a long necklace. She kept up the fashion sense all season long and developed a look that is strictly Melanie: a sexy glam look with a hint of professionalism.

Melanie’s signature look is usually a long, flattering top over a pair of jeans with either heels or boots and a long necklace. She also toys around with a few other looks, sometimes going from a sexy, low-cut, body-hugging dress, to a button-down shirt with a vest and tie over jeans. Sequined tops can be found at any Express store or website for $30.  Jacquan woven shorts that look just like the ones Melanie wore are at Forever21 for $19.80.  You can get the black faux fur vest at the online papaya store for $12, and the peep-toe black booties at Charlotte Russe, among many other stores.

One word can define Eva Longoria’s style: sexy. Every time she’s seen, whether on the red carpet or on Desperate Housewives, she awes people and puts them in a trance. There’s a reason she’s been voted number one in Maxim’s Hot 100 List two years in a row. Everything from her metallic micro gown with silver pumps that turned heads at the 60th annual primetime Emmy awards, to the deep red velvet dress she wears on the Desperate Housewives promo, is absolutely stunning and unforgettable.

Mimicking her look can seem a bit challenging financially, since one of her designer dresses could probably pay for an entire student loan. However, since her style is rather simple and usually contains no more than three items, finding a look that resembles hers shouldn’t take more effort than a quick trip to the mall. A sexy dress is an item most stores like Express, or even cheaper, Charlotte Russe, carry. Once you find that hip-hugging sexy dress, pick up an inexpensive pair of heels and a couple pieces of jewelry, and you’re set! Remember to keep the colors and the style simple and sexy, and accessories to a minimum, and you’ve got the look.

When Glee first premiered, a new fashion was born. In fact, Glee’s fashion has been recognized so much so that there’s an entire website dedicated to it. There’s a different inspirational look for each unique person who might look to the show for fashion advice, with the school-librarian look being just one of them. Leah Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, owns the innocent, schoolgirl, geek-meets-trendy look. Rachel’s style is relatively easy to follow, with just a few pieces of must-have clothing. A cardigan (L.L Bean $45), a plaid skirt (Forever21 $8) and a simple white button up (Old Navy $27) is enough to rock her look. Toss in a few vest sweaters from L.L. Bean or Gap, a couple of colored button ups from Old Navy, some cute sweaters at Forever21, colorful knee-high socks at American Apparel, some ballet flats, and you have Rachel’s wardrobe.

Guys can look to Darren Criss, playing the role of Blaine Anderson on Glee, for ideas. His style is the epitome of the preppy and classic style. He was named one of Fall TV’s most stylish characters and continues to charm his viewers with his bow ties and polo shirt ensembles. Express and Macy’s are great places to shop for items Blaine is often seen in, like cardigans, button ups, and plaid pants.

How I Met Your Mother isn’t a place you’d usually think to look for fashion advice. Lilly, played by Alyson Hannigan, is that one character we all love because she’s humble and down-to-earth. Her style is rather simple and comfortable, and is worth emulating because it’s something we can wear on a daily basis. On How I Met Your Mother, she’s often seen in jeans and simple tops, but looking gorgeous nevertheless. An ideal outfit would be a pair of skinny jeans with knee-high boots, a cardigan with a simple white shirt underneath, and an oversized scarf. Another great option would be a pair of flare jeans with a button up that’s left open to reveal a cute shirt underneath.


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