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With finals approaching right around the corner, finding the perfect gifts for your family and friends can be pretty nerve wracking, and you probably don't have time to go around shopping for each gift. To help you out, I did a lot of research and put together five hottest gifts for this holiday season that guarantees satisfaction for all.

There have been a great number of concerns and opinions with regards to the possibility of a merger between our beloved Rutgers University and Rowan University, one of our rivals, especially in the world of sports. Personally, I think many of our students' and faculty's concerns are well-founded. If we, one of the best and longest-running schools in all of New Jersey, with a name that practically screams “big-league,” were to suddenly become “The University of South Jersey” as it was over 100 years ago, then there would be a myriad of problems, which many of us have emphasized. These would focus primarily on our school's name, our sporting rivalry with Rowan, and those of us graduating that are looking for a job, which is interlinked with the first concern

All semester students have heard the name “South Jersey University,” which have filled students and staff with apprehensions about the future of Rutgers. Through an in-depth interview with Mary Beth Daisy, Dean of Students at Rutgers-Camden, we gain insight into the merger quandary.
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As many of you know by now, I’m not a dessert person. Any desserts I have written are of the savory kind, contain no baking, and sometimes involve cheeses and herbs. Now that the Christmas bells are ringing, I just had to do something with peppermint. I crave the scent, taste, and sight of it. Usually colored with red and green and smelling like a winter wonderland, I use the flavor in my morning coffee from Thanksgiving Day till New Years.
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