What time of year is it? The girls just crawled out of their super tight and ridiculous costumes. The billboards along RT 70 are riddled with Thanksgiving decorations. My coffee cup is covered with quasi-romantic sayings in red and white. It must be Christmas.  CHECK

Black Friday is a miraculous event that takes place once a year at malls across America. Millions of parents trying to impress their children in these hard economic times will be lining up at 4 A.M. to buy goods at discounted prices. Getting a Plasma Screen for 300 dollars? CHECK

Greece definitely had an interesting turn of events recently that comprised of a lot of global attention being given to the small country. It turns out a lot of the young Greek men and women are leaving the country. For all those that want a Greek boyfriend/girlfriend CHECK

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, Wawa has re-introduced their Hot Turkey sandwich. You can get your thanksgiving fix for less than five dollars! Now your wallet is happier than a fat kid with birthday cake. Mmm. Cranberry Sauce! CHECK


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