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Q: What are the Eagles’ biggest advantages and weaknesses against the competition this season?


Andrew: The Eagles are going to have a lot of pros and cons to their team. One of the advantages they will have is that Michael Vick, now having a full year of experience with this offense, will be even better than before. The con to that is that the rest of the teams in the league have had a year to study Vick and may be able to better prepare for him and limit his effectiveness. Another advantage for the Eagles is just the amount of talent that is on the team and they also have a lot of depth. The con to that is that they are also a young team and will take time to come together as a unit. Overall, for the 2011 Eagles I believe the pros outweigh the cons.


Greg: The Eagles have an explosive offense that most if not all defenses in the league will have trouble stopping.  Our depth at wide out is greater than it has been in recent memory and the addition of former Giants Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith will make it even more difficult for teams to contain Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson.  Our running game has vastly improved also with the signing of Dion Lewis, the Pitt RB that the Eagles picked up in the draft, and Ronnie Brown who was a star RB in Miami.  Their biggest disadvantage is the offensive line and their ability to fight off defenders so that Vick has time to let the play develop.


Q: Who are the most underrated/overrated fantasy football players?  Is there a sleeper you have your eye on?


Greg: Reggie Bush is underrated due to his lackluster conclusion to his tenure with the Saints, but he is going to be a force in the league once again.  He is fast and can move the pile which is why he will fit in great as the starting running back for the Miami Dolphins this season.  Also, Miami uses the Wildcat formation (which involves directly snapping the ball to the RB) so Bush will get his hands on the football more often than he did on the Saints.  Tony Romo is overrated.  Maybe I’m biased due to my deep loathing for the Dallas Cowgirls (whoops, Cowboys), but I don’t see Tony Romo doing anything over-the-top extraordinary this year.  He is talented, but barely worthy of being the eighth QB selection in eight-team leagues.  I have my eye on Devin Hester this year as a sleeper.  He is supposed to play a more prominent role in the offense as a WR as opposed to just being used primarily as a kickoff/punt returner, and his coaching staff seems to like his potential.  He will catch a lot more passes this year on offense and with his speed the results could be unbelievable.

Cowboys’ running back Felix Jones is a much underrated fantasy player. This is due to the fact that he is injury-prone but if he stays healthy he can put up some huge numbers for your fantasy team. He is an explosive player and when given the right opportunities can put up some huge numbers. An overrated fantasy player in my opinion is Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. This guy still gets drafted in so many fantasy leagues even though in his short time in the NFL he has never put up the numbers to warrant it. He may be a better bet this year only because he has another year’s experience under his belt, but overall Mark Sanchez is an overrated fantasy player. A sleeper I have my eye on is WR Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo bills. He did have a breakout season last year, but I feel he is still being overlooked and is a sleeper to watch for.


Q: By how many games will the Phillies trump their former club record of 101 regular season wins that they set in both the 1976 and 1977 seasons?


Greg: My guess is that the Phillies will finish the regular season with a record of 105-57.


Andrew: I’m guessing the Phillies will finish 103-59 this season.


Q: Which Phillies pitcher has the best chance of winning the Cy Young Award this season?


Andrew: I believe that Roy Halladay has the best chance out of the Phillies pitcher to win the Cy Young award for the second-straight year, and in my mind fellow Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee is a very, very, close second. I believe that Roy Halladay just barely edges Lee out because I feel that Halladay has had a more impressive and consistent season. But in my mind they are still two of the best, if not the two best pitchers in the entire league.


Greg: It’s a toss-up between Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.  This isn’t surprising, since they are the best at what they do.  Halladay is the best RHP and Lee is the best LHP arguably in the MLB.  Their numbers are virtually identical so it really just depends on who will have the better stats when the season ends.


Q: The Union is in third place in the Eastern Conference.  Can they come back to claim first place by the season finale on October 20th?


Greg: The Philadelphia Union is a team to be reckoned with.  Since their inaugural season, they have gained a strong fan base and have won more games than many people anticipated.  They have a strong roster and are gaining experience each and every game that they play.  For the first part of the season they were in first place so it is not at all unreasonable to say that the Union can come back and finish the season on top with a few wins down the final stretch.


Andrew: It’s quite possible that the Union can pull it off. They have been a very competitive and consistent team all season and one of the most exciting teams to watch in all of the MLS. Since their inception, the Union has steadily gotten better and better and with each passing season. So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the union were able to get into first place by October 20th.


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