Be your own style guru this spring


Spring is in the air, and yet your closet still looks predominantly dull. It’s time for the depressing clothes to yield way to a fun colorful vibe. Put away the black, charcoal, navy and gray, and put some color back in your life.

As you’re moving the depressing apparel to the back of your closet, this season is giving you many options of what to replace it with.

To inspire your spring wardrobe for 2011, designers were hard at work in February, dressing ridiculously skinny girls and paying them thousands of dollars to walk in a straight line, wearing outfits too eccentric for everyday wear. As a result of NYC and London fashion week, all we’ve been hearing is what we should wear for spring and what trends and looks Chanel and Burberry had on display. If you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, the 2011 spring key looks have been deemed as the following:

The 70’s glam look– this is the sophisticated rather than the boho 70’s look, which is defined by boldness and sexuality. Think Farrah Fawcett draped in a red silk dress with a slit, cigarette holder between her fingers.

Then you have the 60’s “ladylike” look, which is the early 60’s housewife style that seeped over from the 50’s, with puffy circle skirts and full below-the-knee dresses that hug the body. Think Lucille Ball or Mia Farrow.

In contrast comes the biker chic look, with “Brando” motorcycle jackets, leather pants, and motorcycle boots, which has been dominating the style of just about every celebrity from Lindsay Lohan to Kate Hudson.

And at last, we have the punk fashion, with a theme of rebellion and controversy. Think Rihanna.

While fashion week entertained many of us, if you’re not a stylist, a designer or a fashion connoisseur, I don’t recommend taking these key looks too seriously. Sure, have fun following up on them. By all means, use them as inspiration. Take a couple of ideas from them, but when it comes to following the looks, it is best to unleash the fashionista inside of you and think for yourself.

The mistake many people tend to make is that they follow just one look– entirely. Don’t go buying Chanel biker boots and other overpriced items. Let’s be realistic; after all, we’re college students and most of us don’t have money for Burberry. Instead, get inspiration from new designs while staying true to your own style. So what if some designer recommends an item; don’t let your style (and wallet) be permeated by his suggestions.

It’s presumptuous of me to tell you what to buy with your money. Because neither myself, nor any big-shot designer knows what you like; only you know what you like. Thus, I’ll give you a little nudge, but I challenge you to do the rest on your own.

Don’t let the runway key looks take the fun out of your spring shopping and put restrictions on your preferences. Instead, take some trends from each key look and work them into your spring wardrobe. Take bell bottoms and platforms from the 70’s glam look, and floral dresses and scarfs from the 60’s ladylike look, and wear them with what you want, however you want.

Spring is the season where we can get funky and creative with bright exuberant colors, patterns, and prints. Pick simple, quirky, fun, energizing, and uplifting colors. Floral prints as well as crochets are must-haves. Whether polka dotted or floral, you can mix manifold prints and create your own flirty, feminine, or sophisticated look. Break rules (we’re girls, we can get away with it).The higher the contrast between the colors, the better!

From huge peacock rings to floral necklaces, stores like Forever 21 and H&M offer an amazing selection of affordable jewelry for the spring season. Spring jewelry on its own is bound to add a flare to your new wardrobe.

Don’t hesitate to toss in other spring-y accessories in your shopping cart: colorful headbands, bright nail polish, eye-shadows, pins, barrettes, big sunglasses, oversized floppy hats, satchels, colorful thin belts, and fun footwear. Maybe even pick up a new fresh scent to top it off.

Let the fashion aesthetic inside of you have a say. Your mom picked your outfits for years, so don’t allow high-end designers to take over the role. Get out there and start making your own style decisions this spring.


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