Wine on a Dime: Valenzano Cranberry Wine


While reading Kristina’s recipe for Cocoa-Cranberry Crispy bars (which sound absolutely delicious, by the way, and as soon as you’re done reading this you should take a seven minute break to go make them)it dawned on me that the very best wine to sip while munching on this delightfully simple snack would be a refreshingly crisp cranberry wine.

The tartness of the full cranberries in the wine will both compliment the sweeter, dried cranberries, and deliciously contrast the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallows. The crispness of the cranberry taste, especially chilled, though it can be served at room temperature as well, will clear the palate a bit and balance out the sticky goo that comes with melted marshmallow.

The very best cranberry wine that I have come across hails from right here in our very own Garden State, at the Valenzano Winery. This local winery takes full advantage of the large growth of cranberries in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and makes their cranberry wine from all local ingredients. Grown, made and bottled right here in New Jersey; it doesn’t get much fresher than that.

So stop at any local liquor store (or the winery itself, if you live near it in Atlantic County) and grab a bottle of crisp, tart, and slightly sweet Velanzano Cranberry Wine. Just a warning, though, it’s extremely tasty and goes quickly, so maybe you should grab two bottles, just to be safe. Enjoy responsibly.


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