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DJ. Author. Publicist. Journalist. Heavy Metal enthusiast. Sorority sister. All of these labels have been assigned to Amy Sciarretto (CCAS ’98) at one time or another, but none of them sums up what she truly is: determined. As she shares her academic and career experiences with me during a recent phone interview, I realize that I’m talking to living proof that what we all seek to achieve is possible: making a dream a reality.

Sciarretto confirms this when she says, “I was very serious about wanting to work in the entertainment business. Most people get out of college not knowing what they want to do. I knew what I wanted to do before I even got of high school.” Currently, she works as a director of publicity, media, and artist relations for Roadrunner Records, a heavy metal subsidiary of Warner Music Group. In addition, she is a freelance writer for popular music publications such as Alternative Press, Hit Parader, and CMJ, not to mention numerous other music websites and outlets she contributes to on a daily basis and the book she somehow made time to co-author. Needless to say, Amy has made it.

Sciarretto credits our campus radio station as her “springboard and launch pad” into the music industry. “Some people might think, ‘A small, little radio station on a campus in Camden?’ but you make the most out of it. I squeezed every drop out of that, and I used it to my advantage. I made it work. I made contacts there. I spent every Monday and Tuesday after my classes and took calls from radio promotion people from across the country, and that’s how I made my contacts.”

“When I was getting ready to graduate, that was who I sent my resume to,” she continues. Every person I had talked to, I sent my resume to. I didn’t matter if talked to them one time or ten times. I sent them my resume and that’s how I basically built a network.”

It is when she talks about her time at the radio station that Amy’s affection for our campus can be felt over the phone. She remembers fondly how during the mid-90s she was a part of the WCCR crew that helped bring the station out of its slump and up to the caliber of programming it produces today. “I definitely benefited from it, and the school benefited because I put so much time and effort into it and made it a viable campus activity with good membership,” she says. “That was something I was really proud of because I spent every night there and every day in between classes, and sometimes even missing classes, in order to take care of the radio station.” In addition to her radio gig as a student, Amy also began to establish her position in the editorial field by writing and editing The Gleaner’s music section as well as for local and national rock and pop-culture magazines.

But don’t get her wrong, not everything about her time at Rutgers-Camden revolved around driving her career. She did squeeze in time to have fun and even learned a few life-lessons along the way. Her choice to join Delta Phi Epsilon sorority came from her passion to meet new people and, as she puts it, do “cool service stuff.”

But what has really stuck with Sciarretto through the years is a time management tip she learned while attending a Learning Center workshop her sophomore year. “I learned something from that seminar that I still use to this day,” says Sciarretto. “I’ve managed, throughout my career, to have multiple jobs, and I still use that (time management) method today!”

What shines through during our conversation is that for Sciarretto going to college was more than just a means to secure a job. Her time at Rutgers-Camden was made up of cherished experiences she would not have had if she had not taken advantage of all that the campus had to offer. “I made the most out of my time there. Even though it’s a commuter campus, some people think it’s not really like going to college. It really was for me. I made it as much of the experience as I could by doing as many activities as I could.”

Sciarretto stresses how important Rutgers-Camden was in shaping her outlook and offers up this small piece of counsel to anyone interested in getting more out of their college experience: “I always advise people to take the opportunity and embrace what’s being offered to you, because I don’t think people realize how much they can do on their campus.”

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